Free Web Hosting Through cPanel

While other hosting providers charge a fee for their different plans, cPanel costs absolutely nothing for their hosting plan. You get to control your website with a domain using their free control panel and special admin tools that are great for web hosting. Their unique feature being a free account for web hosting is something that no one else in the market can offer. Their popular feature is the CPanel hosting management. CPanel is a graphic hosting control panel with an admin area designed to make website administration very easy all on its interface.

Hosting Features   

Their features include a disk space of 1GB and 10GB bandwidth. When you sign up, the CPanel will provide you with two websites, two FTP accounts (File Transfer Protocol), and two MySQL databases.

You would think that just because the web hosting is free, you may be getting sub-standard features, but CPanel has gone out of its way to meet the average regulations for their clients to get quality features.

The average disk space needed for a website is usually 1-1.7 GB, so CPanel is very generous with their disk space offer. Their 10GB bandwidth that is at a maximum is impressive. What’s more, you get to have more than one website for your different online businesses.

The FTP accounts automatically create a CPanel once you sign up for their hosting services. You will also be able to create a domain or sub-domain with CPanel. The MySQL will help you sleep soundly at night knowing your website applications are well backed up.

Management of your domain with CPanel web hosting

CPanel comes with tutorials that help their clients learn basic to advanced web administration tricks including picking a good domain name. You also get to manage and check emails for your domain from any web browser, making it easier to check even from your phone or tablet when on the move. Just make sure you log out once you are done checking your email if you were doing so from public computers, so others will not read your email. The email forwarders option allows you to send email copies from an email address to another in case you have more than one email account. And you can use their email auto responder to automatically send emails to certain accounts.


Now that you know how good CPanel is, why not give it a try with your online business and sharpen your web admin skills in the process?

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