Is Cheap Web Hosting Good or Bad?

This is a question that lingers in the minds of many new business owners, not just online but offline too. While saving money is vital for the future of your online business, you should also consider the benefits of spending on some things that will help boost your traffic. Sometimes, it takes spending some money to make some money. Look out for the ‘stingy’ bug that disguises itself as an economical one.

Importance of Quality Web Hosting

It’s crucial that you understand the importance of a quality web hosting before you spend your hard-earned money on any web hosting options.

For starters, a quality website will help strengthen your online presence attracting many clients. You rely on these customers to buy products through your site. So if the site is of poor quality, you may end up losing them and reducing site traffic resulting to zero clients. A quality website will make sure your customers access different pages as easily and quickly as possible, going through all your products and allowing them to make purchases seamlessly.

Plus your reputation is on the line with the type of website you choose. You wouldn’t want critics creating bad reviews on your site in social networks. That would just make you lose both your investment and clients.

Choose a good hosting provider with good domain names suitable to attract traffic

A hosting provider plays a vital role in the growth of your website. There are those hosts who provide shared servers where you share your online space with other sites. Then there are the VPS hosting servers where you have more freedom to run your site on your own, as well as customize it as you please. And there is dedicated hosting servers where you can lease an entire server without sharing with other sites and come with tech guys who help you manage and support it.

The cheapest of all these servers is the shared hosting where you get to pay as little as $10 for hosting. While the price is super affordable, your options of customizing and building your site will be super limited as you are sharing your space with others. VPS servers need a tech savvy person who understands coding to customize and build their site. As for dedicated hosting, this is quite costly compared to the others. However, you get a good support staff to handle your online business needs including site management and customer service.


It is better to consider your options and the future of your site to select one that will allow room for growth. Do not settle for the cheapest option that will eventually lead to spending more money on other features.

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